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Everything you need to know about TwinsPlus Arabia

TwinsPlus Arabia is the Middle East’s only community support group for twins, triplets and more.

Suman Manning, a mum of Triplets and the founder of TwinsPlus Arabia has been on a mission since 2011 to create a warm, enveloping community that offers invaluable support to all parents on, or just starting, the unique and rewarding journey of bearing and raising multiples.

A site dedicated to Twins, Triplets and more felt like a natural extension of this mission – from providing specialized products (triplet strollers, anyone?) to quirky and fun products and of course bulk deals, TwinsPlus Arabia’s eCommerce site is as they say ‘by the community, for the community’

If you’re a parent of multiples or expecting a multiple bundle of joy, this is the site you’ve been looking for!

If you’re not a parent of multiples but have young children and would like to explore a wide product range at great prices, you will find everything you need – right here.

Join us and become part of our unique community. From weekly meet-ups and play-dates to members-only discounts around town, and even the region’s only Multiples Festival, we’ve got it all.

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Suman Manning, a mum of Triplets is the founder of TwinsPlus Arabia