Birth Stories – IVF

Birth Stories – IVF

Actually making the decision to go to the Dr and have IVF took a long time. But it was truly the best decision I ever made. Someone said to me if you want a baby go and see Dr Munira in The Dubai Mall Mediclinic. Dr Munira is very serious, very professional and I will forever be grateful for her. Our issue was our age, together with the fact that my husband had a particularly low sperm count, so we had a procedure called ICSI. This is an amazing procedure where they can select the strongest sperm and inject them directly into the egg to maximize chance of success.

The first IVF can sometimes be about getting your hormone levels correct. My first IVF did not work sadly. We had decided to try three times. The second time we had three fertilized eggs inserted and one egg implanted successfully. We were pregnant. I could not quite comprehend this fact for weeks afterwards. We are so blessed.

In week 13 I had a serious bleed as my placenta tore and I nearly lost our baby but thank God, she is a fighter and we now have my most precious little girl, Mila. There are no words to describe the joy she brings me constantly. We were told after I had Mila that if we wanted more children that we would have to try within eight months or as soon as possible as I was turning 40 and they said the quality of eggs diminishes rapidly from the age of 35. I knew that having good quality eggs is essential. So the entire first year with Mila, I did not drink, or have caffeine. I took MACA (a south American food supplement that aids fertility and the quality of eggs, which I swear by).

Then in November, 9 months after Mila was born I had another IVF. Both times the implanting was done in Conceive in Sharjah. This time my eggs were much better and I froze five and had two implanted. BOTH took and I am now pregnant with twin boys! 29 weeks. I truly feel blessed and so lucky to have had such quick success. Both times I had acupuncture at Shanghai Chinese Medical Herbs Clinic which I truly believe helped, mentally and physically. I drank some hideous Chinese herbs that clean out your liver. I also heard from Harley Street (where a friend of mine had IVF in London successfully) that drinking 3 litres of water a day and 1 litre of full fat milk would help during the month you have the procedure. I did all these things. I ate pineapple especially the core, around implantation time….you hear of lots of stories about what helped and what didn’t….. I did them all! You never know, but I believe they worked, and as they say “what you believe, you CONCEIVE”!

Quote from my Hubby:
“IVF is a great process, and I truly believe that whatever is required to help couples experience the joys of being parents is truly a wonderful thing. For me, it wasn’t the process that got to me – It certainly got to Jacqui – the constant visits to the clinic, the injections, the rollercoaster of emotions. That was Jacqui’s experience. For me, it wasn’t that. It was the 2 week wait to find out if it had worked. That will always be the longest 14 days of my entire life.

To have gone through that once would have been enough. But to then decide the following year that I wanted to go through that wait all over again? I must be mad! But I can honestly say it is worth every trip to the Dr, every injection (I particularly enjoyed sticking Jacqui with needles!) and every minute of the wait to find out.”

– Jacqui Pratt

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