Indigestion, heartburn or acid reflux can be a symptom you encounter as your bump grows. As your babies get bigger they also push against the muscles between your stomach and gut and can exert real pressure on your stomach – leading to all sort of bloating, burping or retching situations. It often gets worse when you are hungry, so again eat little and often! Some foods make it worse: try avoiding cheese, spicy foods, tomatoes and chocolate.

A glass of milk before bed can help to neutralise acid in the stomach. You can also try sleeping in a more upright position, either by propping yourself up with pillows or by sticking some books under the bed at the head end.

Gentle exercise such as yoga helps some, while others swear by hot drinks like peppermint, ginger and fruit teas. If all else fails, see your doctor who can advise on the most appropriate anti acid medicines to take and the correct dose.


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