Morning sickness is really badly named. While some women do get a bout of acute nausea in the mornings, others get it in the evenings or even all day. Some mummies just feel nauseous, some actually vomit. And a lucky few don’t suffer at all (fingers crossed for you!).

Higher hormone levels in multiple pregnancy do make you more likely to suffer nausea, but there are things you can do about it. The main cause is low blood pressure, so try to eat little and often. Some women find regular nibbles of dry biscuits like oatcakes or plain crackers help. Using fresh ginger in cooking, or slicing it into boiled water with lemon to make a tea provides relief for others and luckily it is very easily available in our part of the world! Others mummies have also found relief by wearing a travel sickness band.

Different foods trigger nausea in different women. The commonest culprits are oily or spicy foods and foods with strong odours. Avoid these if it helps and you may find you need to banish certain foods or smells from your household altogether! You can also try eating foods rich in zinc (dairy products, meat, eggs, fish, ginger, maize, nuts and pulses), which has been found to help combat morning sickness.

If you are unlucky enough to vomit, then try keeping track of when this occurs and eliminate any foods you think might be the cause. If you are more vulnerable, try and eat your most nutritious foods as far apart from these times as possible to keep your nutrition to maximum! If you vomit three times a day for three days, contact your doctor for some help so that your body doesn’t start to miss out on important minerals and fluids.


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