Establishing a Daytime Routine with Multiples


You may well have come from a high-powered job with many demanding tasks each day. Well, you’ve just walked into another one! While your new routine might be slightly more repetitive than before, chances are it’ll be no less taxing (and could even be harder). Your day will essentially revolve around feeding, changing, winding and trying to encourage sleep. Oh, and trying to get as much sleep yourself as you can.

Feeding twins is down to preference; some mums prefer to feed their babies together, in the hope that they’ll adopt a similar feeding and sleeping pattern, while others prefer to do one at a time. We’d always say do whatever works best for you, your family and your situation.

Feeding triplets can be a little trickier, but it’s still possible. You’ll likely need an extra pair of hands, so if you can, arrange for someone to be with you at every feed. Some of us have family here in the UAE and others are lucky enough to have home help; whoever it is, call in your resources and use them. If you feel you need extra help, there are plenty of agencies here in the UAE that will provide staff.

During the day, it might be a good idea to change nappies prior to a feed to ensure your babies are awake, alert and ready for a feed. If you notice, though, that you’ve got post-feed nappy-fillers it’ll save you a job if you wait till after their feed.

Your babies will need lots and lots of sleep in the first few weeks after their birth (as you will) so once they’re fed, winded and changed, pop them down in their cribs, cots or Moses baskets to get their much-needed shut-eye.

If they’re due some awake time, you can pop them into baby bouncers and get on with whatever you want to do in the house.

Some babies, unfortunately for mums, just don’t want to be put down. If one (or more) of yours is like this, first make sure they’re not uncomfortable in any way (for example, hot or cold, wet or dirty, windy, hungry). If there’s nothing you can find, put them safely in their crib, cot or basket then pop to the kitchen and make yourself a cup of tea. Sometimes they’re just a little fractious and a few moments of grizzling is all they need to settle themselves. If you find they simply can’t settle, it might be worth organising a quick check-up with your paediatrician then speaking to a maternity nurse or other baby care expert who might have some useful tips on how best to deal with the situation.


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