Establishing a Nighttime Routine with Multiples


Nights are for sleeping, and the sooner every family member in the house realises that, the better! Here are our tips for making sure it’s sooner rather than later for your household;

  • Keep things as dull as possible at night. Fit a dimmer switch if you can, so light can be kept to a minimum. If a dimmer switch isn’t an option, consider a small lamp instead so you can still see what you’re doing but don’t have to switch on a big, bright light
  • Only change nappies if they’re wet or dirty
  • If one baby wakes up, wake the other/s for a feed too (unless you find it hard to feed them together). If this is the case, feed the awake one first then wake the other one or two and feed them. If your babies are beyond around 12 weeks, you might like to try leaving the sleeping one to sleep; you never know, they might sleep through the night!
  • If you’re bottle-feeding, before you go to bed make sure you’ve got everything you need ready for night-time feeds so if you do leave one or more babies sleeping, they won’t be woken by their starving sibling yelling for a feed.


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