Going Home


So this is it; you’ve got to grips with feeding, you’re feeling a little more confident (we hope!) and you’re off home as a family of four, five or even more! Here’s how you can make this momentous occasion slightly less daunting;

  • Make sure your husband, family members or close friends have been to your home and organised it ready for your arrival, so you can come back into it with a minimum of fuss. We’d recommend having cots, cribs or Moses baskets set up (with the sheets done), changing stations set up and fully stocked with nappies and essentials, and wardrobes ready with clean clothes (for both babies and you)
  • If you’re bottle-feeding, make sure they’ve got all your bottles washed, sterilised and ready to go, with plenty of your choice of formula in stock
  • Make sure someone’s been to the supermarket and stocked up on tea, coffee and snacks, and prepared a meal that can be easily heated for you as soon as you get home

And don’t forget, you’ll need a few key items for your journey home from the hospital;

  • Car seats
  • Baby blankets
  • Some proper clothes for you (we’d recommend a comfy tracksuit or other clothes you can easily get in and out of)
  • A suitcase to carry home all your belongings, and remember belongings tend to multiply in between unpacking and being repacked


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