Nappy Changing


Especially with multiples, you’ll want to make sure you’ve got everything to hand before you start stripping off babygrows and dirty nappies and risk being hit by various bodily emissions. Here’s our list of essentials;

  • Which is New nappies
  • Wipes or cotton wool and cooled boiled water
  • Nappy sacks
  • Clean clothes if required

Don’t be startled if the first few dirty nappies contain a black or greenish-black tar-like substance. It’s meconium, your baby’s first poo and is perfectly normal! Hospitals usually like to see your babies have had this bowel movement before they’ll let you go home. After a day or two, nappy contents change to a yellowish colour, with consistency dependent upon whether they’re breastfed or bottle-fed. If you are worried about your babies’ nappies, do mention it to your healthcare provider who can have a quick check to make sure everything’s normal.

It’s vital to get rid of any traces of poo from your babies’ skin, to prevent nappy rash and soreness developing. Nappies need to be changed regularly, especially in the first few weeks when your lovely little nappy-fillers are likely to be managing an impressive 4 or 5 bowel movements a day!

A key piece of advice we’d give all multiples mums is this; train everyone, and we mean everyone, who’ll be in the vicinity of your babies on a regular basis to change nappies. It’ll be all hands on deck for quite a while after they arrive home, and you don’t need anyone refusing nappy duty because they ‘don’t know what to do’. That’s a rubbish excuse and one that’s simply not acceptable!


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