Recovering from having Multiples


Recovering from childbirth is hard enough with a singleton baby; with twins, triplets or more, it’s likely your body won’t know what’s hit it. Help yourself get back on your feet with a few simple steps;

  • Rest. Sure, you’ll want to show off your new bundles of joy and get back to feeling like you’ve got at least some semblance of a normal life back, but that can wait. Sleep when your babies sleep, sleep if someone else can take over, sleep with your babies if that’s what you need to do (as long as you’re following current safety guidelines)
  • Eat and drink. Yes, we do need to tell you this; so many of our multiples mums report getting to 4pm and realising they haven’t had so much as a cup of tea, and this is not the way to recover from a multiples birth. You need nutrients, you need fluids and ideally, you need someone to serve them to you.
  • Remember there are no medals in motherhood, especially not in multiples motherhood, and you won’t win any prizes for doing it all yourself. Nor will you be doing yourself any favours. Nor will you be a better mother for doing it all yourself. Take any and every offer of help going. Someone wants to pop round with a lasagne? Great; there’s space in the freezer. Someone wants to come for coffee and meet the babies? Sure. They can make you a cuppa and tidy up while they’re at it.


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