When should I start thinking about a bath/story/bedtime routine?


During the first twelve weeks you’ll probably find that day and night blur together in a melee of feeding and changing. Around the 12-week mark, though, you should find some elements of your day take on a little more rigidity, and you can start thinking about a proper routine. Our multiples mums say the easiest way to do this is simply start doing the same things in the same order at around the same time at the end of each day; peaceful feeding, a gentle bath, a quiet story and then into bed. Using cues such as clean, soft pyjamas after baths also helps babies know where they are and what they’re doing, which helps ease them into routines.

Some babies are natural water lovers and some aren’t; if yours aren’t, consider either not bothering with a bath every night, or make bathtime a part of your morning routine.

By the time your babies are around four to six months old, you’ll likely find they’re easier to manage if you’ve settled them into a fairly rigid daytime routine.


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