If I do want to give birth to my twins vaginally, does that mean I have to go through labour twice?


Stop panicking; no, you don’t! You’ll go through the first and third stage of labour – where your cervix dilates and then, after your babies are delivered, you deliver the placenta – just once as if you were having a singleton birth, then it’s the second stage of labour, where you’re pushing, that you go through twice. Our twin mums who’ve had natural deliveries tell us it doesn’t take that long to push the second twin out, though, as you’ve already done the hard work with the first.

If I deliver my first twin vaginally, will I be able to deliver the second vaginally too?

Not necessarily. For all sorts of reasons, sometimes the first twin is delivered vaginally then complications arise and the second needs to be delivered via Caesarean. Your doctor will be able to explain situations where this might happen, and will keep you informed during your birth.

If I choose to have a Caesarean, or need one for whatever reason, will I be able to be awake?

If you’re having an elective Caesarean, chances are you’ll have an epidural or a spinal block and be able to be awake for the procedure (with a screen to shield you from the gory details!). If, however, you’re having an emergency Caesarean, you might end up needing a general anaesthetic so doctors can deliver your babies as quickly as possible. Whatever happens, rest assured your doctors will be doing everything they can to keep you and your babies safe and healthy.


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