I’ve already got one child. How will this multiples pregnancy differ from my previous experience?


As we said before, every woman is different and every pregnancy is different. From talking to multiples mums, there are a few common factors in multiples pregnancies;

  • You might feel extra tired or more sick, especially during the first trimester as your body is working that much harder to grow two, three or more little people
  • You’ll likely be asked to go for more check-ups and scans, to make sure everything’s going to plan. Some pregnancy complications can be more common or more likely in multiples pregnancies, and your doctor will want to monitor you for signs of illnesses such a pre-eclampsia or twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome
  • You might find your birthing options are somewhat more limited when you’re expecting multiples, especially if you’re having triplets or more. Home births aren’t an option in the UAE no matter whether you’re carrying one baby or more, but you should be able to discuss whether you’d prefer a natural delivery or Caesarean with your doctor if you’re carrying twins. Check out our birth stories for multiples mums who’ve had their twins naturally! As far as we know, though, triplets are always delivered by Caesarean.


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