I’ve been told there are two sacs in my uterus, but then my doctor said it might not be twins. I’m confused…


If you discover very early on you’re having twins – in the first trimester – you’ll be told doctors can see two sacs and you’re carrying twins. However, in those crucial first weeks, there’s a chance the second sac could vanish, either through a miscarriage (sometimes unnoticed) or through absorption, where it’s simply absorbed by your body. You’ll then only be able to see one sac on the next scan. By the twelve-week mark, doctors should be able to confirm whether both sacs are viable and you’re definitely carrying twins, or whether one has vanished.

This situation is known as Vanishing Twin Syndrome and is surprisingly common, sadly, partly due to improving technology and the tendency to scan at an earlier point in pregnancy than in previous years. It can be a very emotional time for parents-to-be; don’t underestimate the effect it can have on you, especially when you’re likely to be more vulnerable and sensitive anyway. Be gentle on yourself and don’t hesitate to contact your healthcare provider if you feel you need some extra support to deal with it.


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