Should I eat for two? Or three… or four…


In a word; No! Sorry to be killjoys, but as long as you’re eating the right things – plenty of nutrients in a balanced diet – then there’s no need to up your food intake much more than you would in a regular pregnancy. Follow the same rules, though;

  • Avoid foods high in vitamin A such a liver and liver products
  • Wash salads carefully
  • Avoid uncooked egg and egg products
  • Cook meat thoroughly
  • Avoid cheese made with unpasteurised milk
  • Limit intake of caffeine
  • Avoid alcohol if possible; although medical advice on this is constantly changing!

You might find, especially in the latter stages of your pregnancy, you find it difficult to eat large meals. Instead, smaller meals and healthy snacks in between might be easier to digest. Try not to go more than three hours without having something to eat and drink.


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