Whether you can delivery vaginally with twins depends on a number of factors

  • Whether you’ve had a previous Caesarean
  • How your babies are lying in the uterus and whether either of them is engaged. You’ll likely have more chance of at least being able to attempt a vaginal birth if one twin’s head is down and engaged towards the end of your pregnancy
  • Your hospital and doctor’s birthing policies
  • Whether you have any underlying medical conditions that could mean attempting a vaginal delivery could put you and/or your babies at risk
  • Whether your twins are monochorionic (identical twins sharing a chorion) or not, and whether they’re monochorionic monoamniotic (where they share a chorion and an amniotic sac) or not
  • Whether there’s any need for your delivery to be in a hurry, for example if you develop complications
  • Whether your labour is progressing as it should

Even if you aren’t able to have the birth you’d really like, you can still have input on some aspects of your delivery; you may be able to labour in water, and you’ll almost certainly be able to influence factors such as lighting, music and ambience to create the birthing atmosphere you want.


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