Coping while your Babies are in NICU


Although you’ll know your babies are receiving the vital care they need in the NICU, it’s common to feel you’ve missed out on so much in the first precious days after their birth. You might feel cheated that you can’t take them home straight away, feel like you’re letting them down if you’re not the one caring for them, feel distressed being away from them. You may even have one baby at home and one or more still in NICU, causing you to feel as though you’re leaving one baby out. If you can, try to find some positives; many of our multiples mums say in hindsight, they were grateful to have some time to recover from what could well have been a traumatic birth, and to prepare for having their multiples at home.

Babies who have spent time in special care are often in a routine by the time they leave hospital, which our mums say is another definite positive and should be maintained at all costs! Ask for a copy of your babies’ charts from the hospital, so you can see details of feeding and sleeping, and carry on keeping track of who’s doing what and when. As well as making it easier for you to continue their routines, it’ll also help your healthcare providers see your babies’ progress and make sure they’re developing as they should be. To help you, Twins UK have a specially designed daily schedule – one for twins and one for triplets – that contain three months’ supply of daily sheets allowing you to record all your babies’ activities in one place.


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