What will my babies be monitored for in NICU?


Babies born prematurely are monitored for a number of different reasons, including;

  • Jaundice, as their little systems might not be able to do what they’re supposed to with bilirubin in the blood
  • Breathing difficulties, as their lungs may not have had the chance to develop sufficiently
  • Low blood sugar, as they’re often incapable of regulating blood sugar by themselves
  • Infection, as their immune systems aren’t fully developed yet
  • Hypothermia, as they aren’t able to regulate their body temperatures yet
  • Vision and hearing problems, if their eyes and ears aren’t fully developed

One of the most beneficial things you can do for your baby is provide them with your breastmilk which is specifically tailored with immune boosting properties for your babies. If your babies are too small to breastfeed, they might be fed via a tube inserted into their noses, or may even receive intravenous nutrition if their digestive systems aren’t fully developed. Initially you will begin by hand expressing small syringes of colostrum, also known as liquid gold for it’s immune boosting calorific content for your babies.  Start expressing colostrum as soon as you feel able after birth and reach out to your midwife, care provider or a lactation specialist for help.  Sometimes you may want to look outside the hospital for help, please see reference section for more details on lactation support. It takes time, patience and practice and is most likely to succeed with support from those around you but it is worth persevering.  As your colostrum turns to milk, you will want to get your hands on a hospital-grade double pump and make sure you’re pumping at least every three hours, including during the night. It’s likely to be tough going at times, but it’ll go a long way towards helping your babies on their journey to health so it’ll be worth the effort. Set yourself small goals of a week or two at a time and know that even the smallest amount of breastmilk will do wonderful things for your babies. And, if your budget stretches to it, we’d highly recommend investing in a hospital-grade double pump – or finding somewhere to rent one – to make things as easy as possible for you.


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