Looking After Yourself – A Yoghurt Tip!

Looking After Yourself – A Yoghurt Tip!

Skincare? Eh?! Who has time to think about skincare with two or more babies/children/husband to parent (sorry dads, but we do feel like that sometimes…)???

Well here is a quick tip. Natural yoghurt is a great face mask. Yes, you did read that right.

Icky and gloopy, yes – but it works. Take one tub of plain natural yoghurt. Clean your face.

No – properly clean it. Soap and water will clean it properly but will dry your skin out – resort to this only if you have nothing else to hand! Coconut oil or a proper cleanser or face wash, preferably.

Take a tissue, a ball of cotton wool or just your fingers, dip into the yoghurt, and squooge the yoghurt all over your face except your eyes. Spread it on nice and thick, and keep dabbing extra on top, just be careful of it all sliding off onto the floor…

Now, ideally you go and lie down for 15 minutes in a quiet room, play some tranquil music and vaporise a little organic lavender oil… Except you’re a multiples mum, so that’s less likely.

Second best: leave your face covered in gloop for 5 – 15 minutes while you make a cup of tea, feed the dog, make breakfast for children, change a few nappies and finalise your plans for construction of a perpetual energy source and a way to bend space-time… And then wipe off gently with a tissue, fingers, etc. Give yourself a quick wash before the cat licks you to bits – and marvel at how silky-soft your skin feels! Pop on a bit of moisturiser or a nice serum and there you go.

Honestly, yoghurt is a fabulous skin moisturiser and contains small amounts of lactic acid – one of a family of acids used in the skincare industry to promote skin rejuvenation and a lovely healthy glow. Being completely natural you can’t overdo it or do any damage. Give it a go!

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