Playing and Development – the Professional Recommends!

Playing and Development – the Professional Recommends!

I’m Kamal – a twin mum, Senior Occupational Therapist, Vision Therapist and Behavior Therapist and I’ve been working in Dubai for the past 11 years with atypical children and those with particular needs. I grew up in Australia and worked both in China and Australia before moving to Dubai, providing Occupational Therapy services in homes, schools, clinics and nurseries.

As parents we always want to learn how we can boost the development of our children and increase their strength so they can confidently complete tasks to the best of their ability. I feel this is best done through play and really believe “playing with purpose” is the key… tricking your children into boosting their development I guess and also making it more fun for you! Children are great at avoiding what they find difficult or may have sensory difficulties or strong preference causing them to seek or avoid different sensations or environments. Preferences are fine but none of us want those to negatively affect our little ones’ participation, physical development or ability to be attentive.

As you will have learned in the article on sensory processing, parents can play a great role in maximizing our children’s ability to enjoy and fully participate in all aspects of life. And I set up @therapyboxaustralia as I realized that there was a need for specialized therapy equipment and toys in our region to help parents do just that.

Whilst some items might look like simple fun games or objects to play with they are great for boosting strength, confidence and all areas of the development of all children. I also love to create gyms, OT rooms and sensory spaces in all environments and train teachers, parents and nannies on a wide range of different topics. After all, we are our children’s best support team!


My top 5 picks this month are:

1 – Musical straws – the straw that works like a whistle to motivate children to work on their lip seal and strength – helping with feeding and speech.

2 – Dinner Winner plates – motivate your little one to eat with this fun tray. Can be used as a dinner tray with a reward at the end or a fun grazing plate to promote eating without the fuss.

3 – Camelot Junior Castle Logix – a fun game to work on problem solving and visual perception skills.

4 – Word Construction Builder – a nuts and bolts approach to making and spelling words. Boost fine motor, phonics, spelling and word recognition whilst having fun.

5 – Move n Sit Cushion – help your child to focus better in any environment by allowing them to wiggle in their seat, great at school in circle time on mats, in chairs, at home, dinner time and even in restaurants ????

And for November 2018 here are my top 5 tips for parents and play:

1 – Think of what your best play memories were and how simple they may have been and recreate these.

2 – Try to look after yourself through play, incorporating fun activities for your child with what you like to do so it’s relaxing. For me and my family this means pool days and baking! You can teach a lot in baking, incorporate sensory play and boost strength and coordination at the same time… you are even teaching maths skills through familiarity with weights and quantities ????

3 – Make items like paint, play dough, slime at home and save on these items so you can buy other toys. Get creative with boxes and items you have at home.

4 – Keep it simple and focus on one activity at a time when playing.

5 – Enjoy the great weather we have now and all of the fun outdoor activities.

With the festive season coming up we would like to offer 20% discount on all items excluding gift vouchers. Use the code ‘twinsplus’ in our online store or when messaging us ????.

Offer valid for orders placed up to 05 December 2018

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